The Amalie "Farm to Face" Collection

In the heart of Indiana

Homegrown & handcrafted.

From our family farm to your face, we guaranatee you will fall in love with these handcrafted beauty oils. Over the next 2 months, we will detail exactly how each:

  • Ingredient was chosen for the collection
  • Herb/flower was organically harvested
  • Oil was extracted
  • Product was crafted

We will guide you every step of the way. Whether you decide to buy our oils or try making them for yourself, join us in the story-telling of this awesome journey!

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About Us

You are beautiful and deserve to feel so. At Amalie, this is our core belief. Our mission is to solve women’s toughest beauty problems with real science and natural ingredients. Our first product, Wink, is a natural lash and brow enhancer, aimed at giving your brows and lashes a fuller, more lush look every day.

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 1721 valley view drive, Bedford IN 47421